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To showcase Photographs and Fine Art that seek to reveal the unique beauty of God’s creative attributes through light.

Our Goal

At Gallery369 we seek to display Photographs and Fine Art by local artists that accentuate light, the intrinsic qualities and character of God.

Light & Darkness

At Gallery369 we see two competing forces in life, light and darkness. Light gives us the ability to see what is. Light illuminates. Darkness is the absence of light so by it’s very nature, hides what is. Without light, there is darkness. Therefore it is our intent at Gallery369 to showcase Art that accentuates light.

The Art of Seeing

The Bible tells us, God is light and in Him there is no darkness. We cannot see God but His attributes are clearly visible in what we do see. Photographs and Fine Art that accentuate light, help us see these attributes of God and often times allow us to see things we may not have seen or understood before.


Marc began taking photographs in High School. The challenge was to capture a scene so others could see and appreciate what he saw when viewing a photographic print. Marc came to realize that the quality of each photograph was a direct result of the quality of light being reflected upon the scene. Marc’s passion is “Fine Art Photography”

“Fine Art Photography is capturing a moment in time and space 

 as seen by the photographer and displayed for others to see”.

Gallery369 was founded out of a dream to showcase Photographs and Fine Art by local artists that will endeavor to accentuate light to illuminate the creative hand of God in our world.

Our Name

“Gallery369” is a bit unusual for a name and so is it’s origin.  Our name come from a Bible passage, the book of Psalms Chapter 36, verse 9.  This verse quoted is from the Version "The Message".  

“You’re a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light.” (Psa. 36:9 - Msg.)

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